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Programs and Services


Howard University’s official career education and job-search site, BisonCareerLink is a comprehensive career development portal that offers hundreds of job listings. It provides students with information and resources for job market preparation.  Students can register for annual career fairs, on-campus interviews, and other career development activities hosted by the Office of Career Services. To take advantage of the opportunities, log in here!


The self-assessment tools offered by OCS are designed to guide students in the right direction. The MyPlan Self-Assessment tool helps students plan more fulfilling lives by helping them understand who they are, what they like, and identify the skills they have and/or need to develop. Students can access the MyPlan Self-Assessment tool at Students must contact OCS via email or 202-806-7513, for the access code before they can create a FREE account and take all four assessments.


One-on-one career counseling with an OCS Career Specialists are available for all undergraduate students. Please note these are by appointment only and are scheduled after students have taken the MyPlan Self- Assessment. These 30 minutes sessions are an excellent opportunity to receive guidance on clarifying career and academic goals. Incoming freshman and transfer students who are undecided have the opportunity to participate in the Graduation, Readiness, Options, Work (G.R.O.W) Initiative.  In collaboration with a team of Howard faculty, administrators, and graduate professional students the G.R.O.W. Initiative will identify and engage undecided students in career guidance and counseling activities.


We have hundreds of companies who are required to post all job and internship opportunities directly on BisonCareerLink. To access this database log onto BisonCareerLink  complete your profile, upload your resume (after getting it reviewed) and begin your job search. Juniors have the opportunity to be members of the Junior Experiential Learning (JEL) Program. In collaboration with Alumni Relations, students will work with an Alumni Career Mentor to receive mentorship and assistance to secure an internship by the end of the junior year.


Students have the opportunity to have their resumes reviewed to receive valuable feedback prior to beginning their job search. OCS career specialists or employer representatives will conduct resume review sessions throughout the semester on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12pm-3pm in the Blackburn University Center’s Reading Lounge. RSVP on BisonCareerLink to receive a one-on-one resume critique.


OCS staff and other expert industry partners will deliver career related information, through a series of weekly training on-site sessions and workshops offered Tuesday through Thursday. To view a listing of workshops and RSVP for the events, visit our website or log on to BisonCareerLink.

CAREER FAIRS (Fall and Spring)

The highly competitive OCS Fairs attract over 175 national employers. OCS designed the fairs to expose students and alumni, from all classifications and majors, to various employers from the private sector, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies and contractors. Students can also RSVP for the graduate school and internship virtual fairs through BisonCareerLink.


Many employers and graduate schools programs, who recruit on campus, host pre-recruitment presentation events throughout the semester. These presentations provide students the opportunity to acquaint themselves with potential career opportunities prior to the active interview season. Students are required to RSVP through BisonCareerLink to participate.


Individual appointments are reserved for major and career exploration, cover letter reviews, and graduate school essays/personal statements. To take advantage of these sessions, students are required to schedule an appointment on BisonCareerLink.


Each semester, employers advertise available full-time, part-time, and internship positons through BisonCareerLink. Each employer will schedule interviews, for qualified applicants, in the OCS interview suites. To be eligible to participate in On-Site Interviews, students must register on BisonCareerLink, be in good academic standing, and must meet the minimum qualifications for the position outlined by the recruiting company.

Hours of Operations
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Office of Career Services
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