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Policies & Procedures

Failure to Keep Scheduled Appointments (‘‘No-Show’’ Policy)

The policy of the Office of Career Services is that students who fail to keep their interview appointments forfeit their right to be served by this office. This policy is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. The recruiter visits the campus after being informed in advance of the number of students signed up on the schedule;
  2. The failure of a student to keep scheduled interviews creates a negative impression of the student and of the University and in some cases has caused an employer to drop Howard from its campus recruitment schedule; and
  3. By scheduling an interview, you are reserving time that might have been given to another student. This, of course, is not fair to the other student.

For your protection, companies or agencies who do not meet their schedules will be dealt with in much the same manner as students who miss interviews. Companies or agencies who miss one schedule run the risk of being dropped from campus recruiting the following year. Because there will be unforeseen emergencies which may cause a student to miss an appointment, each student will be allowed to cancel interviews by contacting the Office of Career Services in advance (at least two class days before the interview date). You may do so by calling (202) 806-7513, if necessary, but you may not cancel appointments through other students.

A student who signs up and then fails to keep an interview appointment without canceling is recorded as a “no-show.” A last-minute cancellation counts as a “no-show.” Once a student registers one “no-show,” that person immediately forfeits the services of this office, including interviewing privileges and resume referral. This means your name is removed from all schedules. To be reinstated to the program, you must meet with the Director and complete certain procedures.

Job Offers

Depending on your date of graduation, the employer usually gives you more than enough time to make your decision. Acknowledge the job offer—with thanks—promptly to assure the employer that you have received it.

At this time you should specify a decision date, reject the offer, accept the offer, or request an extension of time for making your decision. When you accept a position, notify other employers with pending offers that you are no longer available. In declining an offer, be polite, brief and friendly. One day you may want to renew your acquaintance.

Accept or Decline

Acceptance of an employment offer is a serious commitment on both sides. Do not continue to interview, take plant visits, or search for a better offer from another employer after accepting an offer. The offer is made in good faith and should be accepted as such, with sincere intent to honor the commitment.

Job Offer Policy

  • Summer: Full-time or internship offers extended to students during the summer should expire no earlier than October 25, 2019.
  • Fall: Full-time and internship offers extended to students during the Fall semester should expire no earlier than November 15, 2019 or a minimum of three weeks after they are given (whichever comes later).
  • Spring: Full-time and internship offers extended to students during the Spring semester should expire no earlier than April 10, 2020 or a minimum of two weeks after they are given (whichever comes later).

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