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Parents, Families & Friends

Your student's success is our #1 Priority!

The Office of Career Services will provide him/her with a number of tools to assist in their journey to a successful career. OCS values the influence from parents. Family involvement during each student’s journey to career readiness can help student’s successfully navigate through the career journey. We encourage you to encourage your student to utilize the various career resources and participate in career planning course, experiential learning, career workshops, information sessions, career fairs, and on campus recruiting.

It has been stated many times: It’s not what you know, but who you know. Your child knows you. Your professional connections are extremely valuable to your student. As they navigate the professional work force in search of internships and a career, your connections can provide them with the competitive edge necessary to alleviate some of the pressure during this phase. However, performing the tasks for your student is not encouraged. Parents should not participate in completing job applications, accompanying them to an interview or negotiating their salary.

OCS prides itself in peparing your student with the necessary tools to successfully navigate the workforce. During, the exploration phase of career development, encourage your child to utilize tools and practice these acquired skills throughout the process.  

How You Can Assist OCS 

As your student continues their journey to professional careers, we urge you to support, encourage, and motivate. Support your student by allowing them the freedom to explore their own career path to achieve their career goals. Encourage your student to utilize the resources and programs created to assist them in their career-planning journey. Motivate your student to explore their career goals through internships and other experiential learning opportunities. Have your student:

  1. Follow the Career Development Checklist and Timelines
  2. Sign in and complete their Handshake profile
  3. Take the SuperStrong Assessment
  4. Attend a Resume Review Session
  5. Attend one or more Career Fairs during the academic year
  6. Search for internships and jobs on Handshake


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