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Getting Started

At the Office of Career Services (OCS) we see our faculty as vital partners in preparing our students for their transition into today's complex and competitive job market. Below are some suggestions of creative ways you can partner with us.

Sign Up for ‘BisonCareerLink’

To be a part of this community:

  • Go to and select Faculty
  • Select the option on the right to Register and enter your Howard University email as your User Name
  • The initial password is: hulink
  • Complete the registration form and submit your request.
  • Your account will be processed and notification sent within 2 business days of submission once we have verified your association with Howard University as a member of the Faculty or Staff.

Join the Faculty Community on BisonCareerLink

BisonCareerLink is the university’s web-based Career Management System used to connect students with employment opportunities, on-campus interviews, events like career fairs, career development workshops and more. Faculty of Howard University can engage BisonCareerLink in the following ways:

Internships, Fellowships and Job Postings

Search, view and share employer job postings and other experiential learning opportunities specific to your discipline with your students. Faculty may review and recommend jobs and set Search Agents to schedule automated job searches with email alerts for their classes.

Employer Directory and Contacts

Browse employer profiles and designate Favorites from our listing of 16,000+ registered employers and graduate schools.


The Events section enables faculty to view information regarding upcoming career fairs, information sessions, and workshops held across campus.

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