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Job Offer Policy

Students at Howard University should be able to make effective job offer decisions. To do so, they must be able to explore all of the options open to them. This includes applying for fellowships, considering graduate and/or professional school, participating in the On-Campus Recruiting Programs, and exploring other career options.

We recognize that many employers want to make offers to summer interns. However, forcing a student to make a hasty decision pertaining to permanent employment precludes his or her exploration of other options.  This can lead to reneging on job offers, which is against our policy guidelines. Therefore, to create a more positive image of employers recruiting on campus and to ensure that students have the opportunity to make sound decisions, all employers participating in the On-Campus Recruiting Program must follow these guidelines.

We expect employers to honor all offers made to students and that no conditions will be placed on the offer (e.g., "We have 8 offers outstanding for 6 openings and will accept the first 6 students who get back to us," etc.). No incentives (e.g. exploding offers) may be offered to induce students to accept offers early.

Job Offer Policy

We encourage all employers to provide a reasonable time frame for students to consider all full-time and internship opportunities and offers. We have outlined our offer deadline policies below. Please note that the Office of Career Services explicitly prohibits any practices that improperly influence or pressure students to accept offers earlier than the time frames posted below.

These timelines will give our students sufficient time to explore their options and make as informed a decision as possible. In the end, we want you to obtain the best candidates and we want our students to have the best opportunities! If these timelines do not work for your organization, we ask that you contact us at for further discussion. In the spirit of collaboration, we hope that you will inform us of any offers made and also let us know of any of our students who renege on an acceptance of an internship or full-time job offer.

All employers participating in the Campus Recruiting Program, including postings, on-campus interviews, employer information sessions, meet-ups, coffee chats and other visibility events and programs coordinated in conjunction with Career Services, will be expected to follow the Job Offer Policy. Employers who violate the “Offer Policy” will be subject to penalties that may include forfeiture of the use of Career Services programs, including on-campus interviewing, participation in employer information sessions and other visibility programs and events, for the following academic year.

  • Summer: Full-time or internship offers extended to students during the summer should expire no earlier than November 3rd.
  • Fall: Full-time and internship offers extended to students during the Fall semester should expire no earlier than November 17th or a minimum of three weeks after they are given (whichever comes later).
  • Spring: Full-time and internship offers extended to students during the Spring semester should expire no earlier than April 14th or a minimum of two weeks after they are given (whichever comes later).

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