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On-Campus Recruitment

On-campus recruitment is a core component of the operations and mission of the Office of Career Services. The process helps to connect the best and brightest students and alumni of Howard University through on-campus interviews, information sessions, class presentations and other recruiting events.

  • All on-campus recruitment is scheduled through BisonCareerLink
  • On-Campus Interviews for new employers should be preceded with a table or information session to garner interest and candidates.
  • Recruitment activities should take place during the same semester as interviews in order to fully leverage student interest.
  • Students are recommended but not required to RSVP for recruitment events.
  • The day of the event, recruiters should arrive 15-30 minutes early and check in with OCS Staff upon arrival and prior to departure.
  • Requests for catering must be submitted to Sodexo.

On-Campus Recruitment Model Options

Please note the following before you submit your request to interview on campus.

Room Reservation Only: Allows you to contact students and schedule interviews yourself. Room only reservations used for the first round of interviews should follow the same guidelines as OCR.

Pre-select: Only invited students will be allowed to schedule interviews.

Pre-select to Alternate: This model allows for both invited and alternates to schedule interviews.

Pre-select to Alternate to Open: Initially “invited” and “alternate” students select timeslots. Then, any qualified students are allowed to sign up for the remaining times on the schedule.

Resume Collect: Allows you to collect resumes using OCR without coming to campus to interview.

Location: Select the Office of Career Services or other location to conduct your interviews

Request On-Campus Interview Dates

Request your on-campus interview dates by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your BisonCareerLink, Symplicity account
  3. Click on the “On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)” tab
  4. Click on the “Request a Schedule” tab
  5. Complete the form and click “submit”. You will be notified of date availability with 2 business days of your request.

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